Black Excellence from my Little Heart
” Hékás ”

co-owner: Kulcsár Péter

He lives with Alma, Péter and his family in Swden.

Results: Soon in showring :-)



1 year

Hékás with Alma :-)

16 months

1,5 years


Br Art Deco Land Rover

CH Volpi Br Art Deco

Nabuco's of Nabucos

Nabuco's Nani People

Nabuco's Witch of the West

CH Nabuco's Viktor Hugo

CH Nabuco's Flavia

Little Heart Black Nola

CH Csücsök di Carlo

CH Black - Schnau Nino

CH Peritas ET Titanella

Little Heart Jamie

Ch Jester v Ulmer Haus

Mopszi-Gyöngy Momóka