I have loved animals since I was a child. My passion for dogs began at the age of ten, the dog school became my "second home".

I first tasted the athmosphere of dog shows in 1995,at that time with boxers.

Then came the idea that I wanted a breed that is small-statured and can be kept indoors.The "pressed nose",and a dynamic and unreserved character were my requirements. That's why my choice fell on pugs and I bought my first one in 1998,who won my affection towards this joyful and facetious breed in a short period of time.

Then I tried to raise better and better puppies by conscious pairings,and I achieved the Bronze-Garland Masterbreeder Award in 2006, and I own several CH doggies whom I am very proud of.

Thank you for visiting my homepage, and I hope you will take a liking for the

Mariann Vágó